South Russian Regional Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects, Limited
(CPPI - S Ltd.)

CPPI-S Ltd. was established by the Centre for Preparation and Implementation of International Projects on Technical Assistance (CPPI)* as a daughter enterprise in Rostov-on-Don in 1997. Initially CPPI-S Ltd. was intended to implement all the outputs developed under the Environmental Management Project financed through the World Bank loan for the Russian Federation.


200/1 Stachki av., 344090, office 301, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Tel./Fax: 7 (863) 243 41 88, 290 58 10.

Contact persons:

Evgeny Shustov, Director General of CPPI-S Ltd.
Alexander Zhulidov, PhD, Director, Research and Development,
Tatiana Gurtovaya, Deputy Director, Research and Development.

* Supplemental information: CPPI was established in accordance with the Agreement signed with the World Bank on a loan for the Russian Federation, and with the Decree № 808 dated August, 11th, 1995 adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation.